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Asian Society of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care (ASNACC) was established by the founding members of Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, China and Singapore, and joined in quick succession by the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. These respective ASNACC country members have the common purpose of achieving the following:
To establish a forum for exchange and interchange of views and for enhancing fellowship amongst its members.
To assist in the establishment of the Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care in Asia.
To promote research and training in Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care.
To improve Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care services in Asian countries
To carry out all such activities as would contribute to the promotion of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care.

The biennial congress of ASNACC has previously been held in Beijing(2009), New Delhi(2011), Bali(2013), Busan(2015)and Singapore(2017). The congress brings together Asian as well as international thought leaders in the field of neuroanesthesia and neurointensive care as well as opinion experts who share their clinical experience and present their research findings.

Board of Directors of ASNACC(Aug 20, 2017- March 16, 2019)

Presidentet: Jae Young Kwon(Republic of Korea)
Vice-President: Masahiko Kawaguchi(Japan)
President Elect: Kwek Tong Kiat(Singapore)
Secretary general: Sung-Sik Park(Singapore)
Treasurer: Haekyu Kim(Republic of Korea)
Ex-President: Tatang Bisri(Indonesia)

Past presidents

April 16.2006- Dec 1, 2008:
Takefumi Sakabe(Japan)
Dec 2, 2008- Feb 27.2011:
Haekyu Kim(Republic of Korea)
Feb 28.2011- Feb 23.2013:
Wang Bao Guo(China)
Feb 24.2013- Apr 5. 2015:
Hari Hara Dash(India)
Apr 6. 2015- Aug 19, 2017:
Tatang Bisri(Indonesia)

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